Your Premier Plastic Bottling Solutions Provider

Who Are We?

PolyTech Plastic Industries is the first and leading plastic preform and closures manufacturer in Qatar. Our new facility located in Doha’s industrial area boasts the most advanced technologies and equipment to off the highest quality products for lids and blown-out plastic bottles for a wide range of consumer goods.


HDPE Closures

Injection molding is the most typically used manufacturing process for creating any plastic parts, containers etc… A big range of household, medical and industrial-grade products and equipment is fabricated employing the injection molding process. All of these end-products differ in their size a lot, also varying in their fabrication complexity, and the way they’re used afterward. This complex manufacturing process involves the use of an injection molding machine, material that is raw and the mold. Each time when we need to manufacture something, we melt the raw material inside of the injection molding machine and then inject the melted plastic into the mold. There this liquid plastic cools off and solidifies into the final part.

PET Preforms

The plastic product design process begins with actually having 3 most basic things converging together in a creative/manufacturing collaboration. This is having a brand or a product that needs a new (or a redesigned) plastic packaging, good and detailed understanding of design intent and functional objectives to be met and a stringently highlighted list of defined visual requirements for the design… These requirements of how exactly the end-product should look like are key to getting the design right from the start!

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